Aussie Boys has been sponsoring the Sydney Stingers water polo team as their primary sponsor since January 2010. This has created a great partnership for which both parties can benefit from.

Sponsorship like this includes full uniform branding on all the Stingers promotional material for outings such as NSW Water Polo Division events, Fair Day, Mardi Gras and the 2010 Gay Games that were held in Cologne, Germany.


Aussie Boys proudly supports the Stingers each year in their float within the Mardi Gras parade and assists with communicating and supporting this gay community focussed sporting team.



For more information on the Sydney Stingers, please visit their website at: http://www.sydneystingers.org.au/



 As well as promoting Mardi Gras as much as possible, Aussie Boys also works closely with many of the large LGBTQ charity organisations within Sydney. Being actively involved with charitable groups allows Aussie Boys the chance to help the Gay and Lesbian community. Organising events, which help people living with HIV/Aids, has been a major initiative of Aussie Boys for the last 28 years. This has created a strong cultural significance within the community, showing that Aussie Boys is more than just a store, its a vital part of Sydney's Gay and Lesbian identity.   

Below are just an example of a few organisations Aussie Boys has worked with: 


There are many smaller organisations that also receive help from Aussie Boys for charitable events when needed.




Aussie Boys have been actively involved within the LGBTQI community for many years. Oxford Street, Darlinghurst serves as a cosmopolitan hub for locals and tourists alike. The street brings many walks of life to it and is the main passage for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Around 2004, Oxford Street had a major street renovation/beautification which widened the street lanes, and made this into a large thoroughfare to the City. During this time of renovation, many of the beloved local shops, bars and restaurants just couldn't maintain trading due to limited customers and foot traffic to the area. Aussie Boys founder Ken Holmes, started the Darlinghurst Business Partnership, and then O.S.C.A.R which were created to be a voice for local businesses and residents wanting to retain the glory that was and still is Oxford St, Darlinghurst. They worked on key projects that were aimed at bringing people back to the famed strip, and working closely with City of Sydney Council to create events that bought focus solely back on to Oxford St.

Recently Ken and Aussie Boys featured with many other retailers on the Oxford St strip in an article written by Danny Corvini for SX Newpaper. Below is the link to the article.